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Vital Westie stats

Breed group

Terrier Dogs


25 - 28 cm 
10 to 11 inches 


6 - 10 kg 
 13 to 22 pounds 

Life Span

12 to 16 years

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Here is everything you may need and as a bonus - our cute Westie Bakse adventures!
Our dog

Westie Bakse Adventures

Are you a fan of Bakse? Or Even just curious to watch how our Westie grow and what adventures she does? 
All in one

Westie Guide From A to Z

If you are looking for an all in one Westie guide before getting one or just you want to learn more, this is for you!

Best Products For Westies

If you want to make your dogs life more convenient and fun, then read our product reviews that are nice to have..
Westie mixed breeds

Is my Westie mixed?

Have you noticed that your Westie looks a bit different than others? It's possible that it is a mixed breed. Have a look here!

What other Westie lovers are saying?

  • Lot's of tips and examples
    If you have this white angel, it's a must to read this blog. You will find a lot of useful tips and real life situations!
    Margaret P. Ramon
    Margaret P. Ramon
  • Funny and entertaining site
    For me this is a fun and wonderful site to laugh and learn from other westies <3
  • I love the reviews section!
    I am addicted in buying stuff for my  4-legged foot buddy and this site shows me the best products!
    Diana Lewis
    Diana Lewis
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