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Dogs Equipment & Food Reviews

Six Awesome Gifts For All The Westie Lovers

If there's someone you know who happens to love westies then here's an extensive list of westie themed gifts that will easily melt anyone's heart:- Westie Themed Gift Items For Family And Friends 1.   Westie Tote Bag Yes, you heard it right! Here's an insanely cute tote shoulder bag to feed your Westie obsession! The […]

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Best Flea Collars for Dogs & We Answer Your Important FAQs

One of the main priorities for responsible and loving pet owners is making sure your good boys and girls are safe from anything that will cause them harm. This means protecting them from hazards, but also doing your best to keep them as healthy as possible. Flea prevention is a huge part of that! Fleas […]

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Best Dog Food For Small Dogs & We Answer Your Important FAQs

Dogs are so different; they all have unique personalities, likes, dislikes and behaviors. They also have unique needs! Part of what it means to be a responsible and loving owner is being able to identify these needs and cover them as best as possible. If you have a small breed, you already know they are […]

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Want Your Dog to Have the Fairest Coat? Here Are the 5 Best Dog Shampoo

When you have a dog and you want them to not only look good but also be healthy, it’s important to establish a grooming routine. This grooming routine will require nothing but the best dog products you can afford. Starting with shampoo! [lwptoc] Dogs have more sensitive skin than we do, so it’s important that […]

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Best Dog Nail Grinders on Amazon: Our Top 5 Picks!

Dog nail grinders are one of those grooming tools that I believe every dog owner should have. Why? Because they’re an alternative to nail-cutting for dogs who don’t like clippers at all and there are many of them. Now, nail grinders won’t eliminate their fearfulness right away, but they will reduce it and eventually they’ll […]

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Best Dog Clippers on Amazon to Keep Your Dogs Well Groomed

Grooming is a huge part of dog-care because we don’t want out four-legged friends to look scruffy or homeless. We want them to look their best so they can be happy and confident pets. Granted, not all pets love grooming, but a gentle and patient owner, the sky is the limit! If you want to […]

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