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Westie Maltese Mix: Important Facts And Information

westie matese mix


The existence of these magnificent pooches dates back to Egyptian, Roman, and Greek writings. With time, this ancient breed has become more and more popular.

The breed arrived in England during the 16th century. Upon arrival, the canine became an instant favourite of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I.

The attempts to breed them to the size of a squirrel ended up nearly terminating their existence. However, dedicated breeders successfully rescued the Maltese. During the 1800s, these dogs became quite a craze amongst the public.

Westie Maltese Mix


Westie Malties are quite upfront about their needs. They are not the ones to back down in the face of danger. They do not take any provocation lightly.

That's why it's crucial to train these canines from a young age. Introduce them to foreign surroundings. Make sure they meet other dogs. This will help them develop social skills.

Highland Malties are highly sensitive and stubborn. This means you have to be extra gentle and caring while training them. Make sure to reward their actions with delicious treats.

Their quick-wit is truly observable when learning new tricks. You'll be surprised to see how quickly they respond to everything. Though they are not as hyperactive as the other Westie mixes, they still require ample exercise on a daily basis.


Highland Malties don't face any exclusive health concerns per se. Though at times, they can be diagnosed with eye infections that are treatable.

Here are a few of the severe health conditions this breed is prone to:-

Severe Health Conditions Highland Malties Are Prone To

1. Cataracts

Yes, you heard it right! Cataracts are not exclusive to human beings. Animals can have it too. Especially when it comes to highland malties, cataracts are a common occurrence.

This health condition causes blindness and blurry vision. If not treated on time, the cataract can become thicker and thicker, causing permanent blindness

2. Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease

This particular disease causes degeneration of the femur bone. As a result, your dog will face great difficulty using its hind legs which may lead to hip joint disintegration.

3. Patellar Luxation

Patellar Luxation is a common occurrence amongst Westie mixes. This condition causes the knee to shift from its original position. This takes a huge toll on a dog's ability to walk.

How To Maintain A Highland Maltie?

If you are planning to bring a little maltese puppy home, then prepare yourself for regular maintenance.

Even though they are not as active as the other breeds, they still require an adequate amount of physical exercise.

Since they possess a shedding coat, they can become easily hypoallergenic. As long as you brush the coat daily, everything will be just fine!

Make sure to use a firm bristle brush to comb the coat gently to avoid tangles and matting.

Check your Maltese's eyes and ears regularly for dirt. To preserve the natural oils present inside the coat, use a gentle shampoo.

Helpful Exercising Tips

Dedicate a specific playtime throughout the day outside the house. Take your dogs to the park where they can run around freely.

This way they will also be able to socialize with other dogs. Having friends by their side will make them love exercising even more.

Invest into toys that will not only heighten their mental acuity but will also keep them entertained.

For families searching for a loving, fun and loyal companion dog, a westie maltese would be the perfect choice. They are easy to maintain and keep up with.

Be gentle and kind to these funky canines and they will give the world to you! Whether it's a big house or a studio apartment, they can adjust to any surroundings quite easily.

Updated: January 18, 2024
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