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Westie Schnauzer Mix: Things To Know

westie schauzer mix

The Westie Schnauzer mix, also known as, Wauzer is a small, shaggy dog that is a cross between the miniature schnauzer and the west highland terrier. These dogs are playful and loving. When given adequate playtime and groomed correctly, these dogs can fit into any household. If you have kids at home, then brace yourself for some intense play.

The Westie Schnauzer mix has a lot of energy to spare. Kids will love playing around with this excited canine for hours. These dogs are great at socialising with other animals. As long as you provide these dogs the right exposure from the start, there's no way for them to turn hostile or unwelcoming. A Wauzer typically lives up to 12-16 years. So, make up your mind before committing to this responsibility.

The parent breeds of a Wauzer are regarded as the typical "working dogs" known for hunting small animals. Since these small and cute pooches were originally bred to serve a deadly purpose, many  people hesitate to bring a Wauzer home.

Taming such a pernicious breed and turning it into a regular house pet might seem like a far-fetched dream. But don't you worry! With adequate training and care, these dogs can fit just about any household perfectly.

westie Schnauzer mix

Here are a few of the many reasons why you should choose this hyperactive breed:-

Here's Why You Should Choose The Westie Schnauzer Mix Breed

1. Small Size

Since these dogs have a small physique, they can easily fit themselves into small spaces. For apartment dwellers, the small size would certainly serve an advantage.

2. Easily Trained

These dogs are easy to train and monitor. The owners are required to start their training from a young age. Young Wauzers are far more hyperactive as compared to their older counterparts. If not guided properly, these dogs can become hostile. They can be trained to become decent alert dogs as well.

3. Easy To Befriend

These dogs display excellent socialising skills. They can easily mingle with other animals. If you have visitors coming over, the Westie Schnauzer mix would definitely be at its best behaviour. Not to forget, they can become excellent playmates for your kids.


These dogs are known to possess high intelligence. Not only are they smart, but they are also quite playful and obedient.

These dogs love their playtime to death. Running around in open spaces such as lawns, parks, yards, etc. is their absolute favourite.

However, a Wauzer should be kept on leash for the most part; otherwise, you may find this cheeky canine 2 blocks away chasing a cat.

Though they are not full blown watchdogs, they still make up to be decent alert dogs.

Training these dogs is not as hard as it seems. Make sure to reward their positive actions with yummy treats and heartfelt praises.

They do not display needy behaviour and won't cling to their owners 24/7. They enjoy their personal space and are totally fine with spending some time alone.


Since the Westie Schnauzer mix is a relatively new breed, not much information is available regarding possible health conditions.

As per few sources, these dogs are typically prone to skin and respiratory allergies as well as dental problems. The average lifespan of this hybrid is 12-16 years, surpassing the average life expectancy.

Hybrid dog breeds have certainly become a craze in the past few decades. Among these new adorable pooches, the Wauzer has undoubtedly emerged victorious. These dogs are truly one of a kind.

The Wauzer will come to be a loyal and trusted companion and is known for its extremely loving personality and unrivalled intelligence.

Now that you know everything about this hyperactive canine, you are free to adopt one for yourself as long as you commit to taking care of the little buddy!

Updated: January 18, 2024
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