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Westie Rescue Oklahoma

Westie Rescue Oklahoma

A dog is a great companion to have around you and your family. They are great to play with. Your children and you would love to have these little critters prancing around the house. If you have been considering it already, it is always a better option to adopt than buy. In case you are not sure about the breed you want to adopt, we have a suggestion for you!

A westie!

West Highland White Terriers or as we commonly call them, the Westies are adorable little white balls of fur. But don’t be misled into thinking these cute westies lack courage when compared to other breeds. These dogs were in fact bred for hunting and protection. Nothing hinders them in the pursuit of their target, not even their leash. How else could a westie be helpful to your family? These cute little balls of fur can help you dig out something in a matter of minutes. They are called the great “escape artists” and “great white hunters”, and for good reason..

Westies love to play around, go out on long walks and car rides. The wind with its freshness blowing over its fur is the best feeling. Westies love to “zoom”, meaning, to run around in the space available as fast as they can. They love zooming in your company and you can observe how happy they get when they do it. To sum it up, owning a westie is like having your favorite packet of chips! You just can’t stop at one!

Where and How to adopt a Westie?

If you are based in or around Oklahoma and are looking to adopt a westie, the best place would be the OkWestieRescue.

Oklahoma Westie Rescue

Oklahoma Westie Rescue (OWR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the cause of the protection of Westies, Scotties, and Cairn Terriers. These dogs have been released by their owners when they no longer can take care of them or are found in animal shelters, abandoned or lost in the streets. Oklahoma Westie Rescue gives them shelter in their foster homes. They are taken good care of by the veterinarian, vaccinated on time, have gone through physical examinations, neutering, and are checked for any other injuries or illnesses. Only once they pass the medical evaluation and temperament assessments are they listed on the website for adoption.

Adoption Process

Oklahoma Westie Rescue (OWR) not only considers applications from Oklahoma but from other states too, if you are willing to travel to their care center to pick your favorite pet. You just need to fill up an application form on their page and wait for them to revert to you. Generally, the amount requested for the adoption of a westie is $300. You can learn more about the breed and OWR’s requirements for adoption on their official websites.

There is too much cruelty in the world for these little balls of fur to handle. If you wish to include a pet in your family, we suggest that you adopt a westie instead of buying it. These cute westies will get home and your wish to own a pet will also be fulfilled.

Updated: August 25, 2021
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