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Westie Rescue North Carolina

westies rescues

Dogs are a ‘man’s best friend,’ and there’s no wondering why, they are devoted, loyal, and affectionate and shower you with unconditional love. These furry little animals are well in tune with humans. Also, it is quite true that your children would love having a dog around them who is equally playful. So, if you are all set to getting a dog for your family, what breed would that be? Also, what about rescuing a doggo so that a dog gets a family and you get your favorite furbaby at home. Here, we have a suggestion for you!

A westie!

The Westie is perhaps one of the most friendly and affectionate Terrier dogs even so we must not forget their history as an intimidating dog bred mainly to hunt dangerous animals such as foxes. However, it is not always true for each animal of the breed. The Westies are usually of a balanced and friendly temperament. This dog can be a wonderful companion to children and often enjoys playing for hours on end with the kids in the family. Still, it is important to socialize with the best starting from an early age, so both your kid and dog respect and care for each other while playing safely.

The west highland white terrier or Westie is a small ball of fur that’s cute and friendly. While they are good hunters, they are also excellent as companion dogs. The Westies originally belong to the highlands of the west of Scotland, its name being in literal meaning to its breed type, color, and place of origin.


Where and How to adopt a Westie?

If you are based in or around North Carolina and looking to adopt a westie, Westie Rescue North Carolina would be the best place.

Westie Rescue North Carolina

Westie Rescue North Texas aims to provide fostering, rescue, medical, and adoption services for abandoned, abused, neglected, and/or homeless Westies, or as goes the name, West Highland White Terriers. Westie Rescue NC is operational not only in North Carolina but also in other primary areas, including Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia. If you are located in some other part of the US and wish to adopt one, you can get assistance by getting in touch with them, who would then be connecting you with your nearest local Westie Rescue group/individual available. As for their rescue operations, they accept all westies, without any regard to their health conditions, temperament, behavior, or breeding.

Westie Rescue North Carolina is an all-volunteer, non-profitable organization that draws its fundings from its public donations. All these rescued Westies are first checked by vets, updated on vaccines, blood tested, and then finally fostered in private care centers during their rehabilitation or up to adoption. At the time of adoption, a donation is required to cover the expenses for the rescue program.

Website: http://www.westierescue.com

Primary Contact: Stephen Di Giulian

Email: Stephen@WestieRescue.com

Phone: (703) 628-9441

Updated: August 25, 2021
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