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Westie Rescue Florida - Possible options to adopt a Westie

Westie Rescue Florida

Westies are one of the most preferred breeds for pets and are popular among dog-owners. Especially among families who are looking for a new member as a lap dog! Why? Because westies have a rather charming temperament and are extremely cute. Additionally, they are always energetic, joyful, loyal, and protective. They are obedient to loved ones, yet dangerous to intruders. And if you want to adopt a westie in Florida, we know exactly where and how. But before that, let’s fall in love with these beautiful dogs.

A Westie!

Westies, as we know them commonly, are actually the breed of West Highland White Terriers. They are cute little adorable balls of fur, but as they said, don’t fully judge them on their looks. The cute westies have do not lack courage when compared to most other breeds. They were, in fact, bred for hunting and protection activities, and their offsprings are equally capable. You will observe that they are loyal to and protective of your family.

Where and How to adopt a Westie?

If you are based in or around Florida and looking to adopt a westie, the best place would be the Sunshine State Westie Rescue.

Westie Rescue Florida

Westie Rescue Florida, now known as the Sunshine State Westie Rescue, is the only rescue organization in Florida that is in direct association with the Westie Rescue USA and is sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Westie Rescue. They have been conducting rescue operations throughout the country and saving Westies for more than 15 years now. A totally non-profit organization, it is run by volunteers and organizations committed towards any Florida westie in need. They are thoroughly involved, from the start of the rescue operations to rehabilitation, and eventually finding a family for the Westies. All the medical care they need is provided to them. Dedicated volunteers look after a dog until they are healthy, happy, and ready to be adopted. Finding them the best possible home is also a top concern of the care.

Adoption Process

The adoption process from Westie Rescue Florida should take no longer than around 2-4 weeks to complete, depending on factors such as volunteer availability and/or availability of your choice of pet. The typical adoption process for Westie Rescue Florida goes as follows:

  • Pick your favorite from all the dog options available on their website
  • You would see the link to complete the Adoption Application where you need to fill out some particulars and your interests.
  • Your application is further reviewed
  • Before the next step, you need to agree for a Home Safety Visit for the adoption approval.
  • Once the reference checks are complete, a Westie Rescue volunteer in your area will contact you and conduct the Home visit.
  • After this, there are only a few other formalities, including contract agreements
  • Finally, if the dog and family match well, the adoption is finalized.

You now have your favorite pet, and the westie has found itself a good home and family!

Updated: August 25, 2021
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