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Westie Jack Russell Mix: Here's Everything You Need To Know

westie jack russell mix

For families trying to find a loyal and adorable dog companion, a mix of Westie and Jack Russell surely fits the role perfectly. These dogs perfectly reflect all the positive traits of their parent breeds. For the most part, they are loyal, friendly, intelligent, and courageous.

A Brief History Of The Highland Terrier

The highland terriers were originally bred in the United Kingdom during the 1800s. Their physique is noticeably smaller than other dog breeds. As a result, they can skim themselves through narrow passages or hard-to-reach areas quite easily.

Highland terriers were bred alongside fox hounds, mainly to assist in hunting foxes and small vermin, such as rodents.

The Jack Russel mix is known to be highly active. The energy levels are off the charts, guaranteeing a strong drive for hunting. Being a relatively new breed, the Jack Russell terrier is yet to be recognised by the American Kennel.

Here are a few noticeable personality traits that will make you love these dogs even more:-

Noticeable Personality Traits

Westie Jack Russell Mix

1. Sunshine On Your Gloomy Days

Apart from the obvious qualities that make highland terriers one of a kind, they excel at cheering up their owners with their wild and bubbly personality. If you are planning to buy a terrier and have kids at home, then prepare yourself for a lot of hustle-bustle and running around.

2. Excellent Social Skills

When trained properly, these highland terriers display remarkable social skills. An owner is required to navigate his terrier's soaring energy levels.

If not done properly, the terriers can become hostile. This may lead to barking at strangers, lurching at small animals and cats, etc.

The more you train the dog, the easier it would be you to bring the best out of your beloved terriers. Training becomes imperative if you have kids at home. The owners are required to take responsibility for their dog's behaviour as well as the safety of their children.

3. Highly Active

Physical movement becomes imperative for terriers to balance the soaring energy levels. Exercising becomes more of a necessity for these young dogs. Given their outgoing nature, you will always find them running full speed in open spaces. They never seem to get enough of playtime.

4. Innately Curious

Jack highland terriers love to explore their surroundings. Whenever you take this breed to an unfamiliar place, you can easily see them picking up new scents or interacting with new animals.

They want to be a part of anything and everything that comes in their way.

Looming Health Issues

Owners are required to monitor the health of their terriers at all stages. There are a few health conditions that these dogs develop. These include, keratoconjunctivitis sicca, craniomandibular osteopathy, seborrhea, Addison's disease, follicular dysplasia, glaucoma, retinal dysplasia, bleeding disorders etc.

Maintaining The Jack Russell Mix

As a pet owner, Taking your dog to regular ear and teeth checkups is very important. Since this breed is prone to periodontal disease and various ear infections, there's no way you can miss out on the regular health checkups and appointments.

These dogs do not require weekly bathing sessions. You are only supposed to wash them when it's absolutely necessary. Brush their coats at least three times a week.

With proper training, a Westie and Jack Russell Mix will become a part of your family in no time. They are loyal and extremely reliable companions that will stick by your side no matter what happens.

Their adorable and small physique sets them apart from other dog breeds. With their brilliant interactive skills, these dogs will be your kid's favourite go-to play time buddies. They are also great at befriending other animals.

After knowing everything there is to about these little hype canines, their infectious energy will surely stupify one..

Updated: January 18, 2024
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