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Highland Maltie: Maltese & Westie Mix Dog Guide

Introduction to Maltese and Westie Mix Dog

The Maltese and Westie mix dog, commonly referred to as a Highland Maltie, combines the charming traits of the fluffy Maltese and the playful characteristics of the West Highland White Terrier (Westie). Known for their friendly demeanor, these small hybrid dogs make for an ideal companion, particularly for those living in apartments or small homes.

Background of Parent Breeds


Originating from the Mediterranean, the Maltese breed is a royal lapdog known for its floor-length white fur and gentle nature. They are playful, yet laid back and love the company of their human family.

West Highland White Terrier

Also known as Westie, the West Highland White Terrier originates from Scotland. They're recognized for their white coat and distinctive ears, along with their cheerful and friendly disposition. They're energetic and love to engage in games and playtimes.

Key Characteristics of the Maltese Westie Mix

Physical Attributes

The Maltese and Westie mix typically inherits the white, fluffy coat from both parents. Generally small, their height ranges from 8 to 11 inches, and they weigh between 6 and 20 pounds. Their ears can be either droopy like the Maltese or erect like the Westie's.

Behavioral Traits

Highland Malties exhibit a cheerful and friendly personality, often exhibiting an energetic and playful nature akin to their Westie parent. Simultaneously, they carry the gentleness and affectionate nature of the Maltese.

Health Issues

While a generally healthy breed, they can be prone to conditions like Patellar Luxation, hip dysplasia, skin conditions, and dental problems, prevalent in their parent breeds.

Training Your Maltese Westie Mix

Basics of Training

Like all dogs, the Highland Maltie responds best to positive reinforcement training. It's essential to start training and socialization from an early age.

Common Challenges

Due to the Westie parentage, these dogs may exhibit stubbornness during training. However, with patience and consistency, they can quickly learn to follow commands.

Tips for Success

To overcome their sometimes stubborn nature, make training sessions enjoyable with games and rewards. It's essential to keep things varied to maintain their interest.

Dietary Needs

Nutrition Basics

Being small dogs, their diet should be high-quality, small kibble that's suitable for their size and energy levels. Ensure that their food is rich in protein, with an appropriate balance of fats and carbohydrates. Dog food suitable for Westies can be an excellent choice for these breeds.

Common Food Allergies

It's crucial to be mindful of potential allergies, common among small breeds. Watch out for signs like skin irritation, diarrhea, or vomiting after meals.

Special Dietary Considerations

Senior dogs and puppies have different nutritional needs. Consult with your vet to develop the most suitable diet plan.

Grooming Essentials

Fur Care

Due to their thick, medium-length coats, they require regular grooming to avoid matting and keep their skin healthy. Consider finding suitable Westie grooming products to keep their coat in top condition.

Oral Hygiene

Small breeds like the Maltese Westie mix are prone to dental problems. Regular brushing and dental chews can help maintain good oral health.

Eye and Ear Care

Regular cleaning of their eyes and ears can prevent infections and complications, a common issue in small breeds.

The Ideal Home for a Maltese Westie Mix

The Maltese Westie mix fits well into any family dynamic. They are good with children and other pets, making them a versatile companion for families of all sizes. Their compact size also makes them well-suited for apartment living.

Finding a Maltese Westie Mix Puppy

It's essential to find a reputable breeder when considering a Maltese Westie mix puppy. Always ensure to check the health and temperament of the parent dogs.

Caring for a Senior Maltese Westie Mix

Older Maltese Westie mixes require extra care and attention. Regular vet check-ups, a suitable diet, and gentle exercise can help maintain their health in their golden years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lifespan of a Maltese Westie mix?

Typically, a Maltese Westie mix can live between 12-15 years with proper care.

Are Maltese Westie mixes hypoallergenic?

While no dog is 100% hypoallergenic, the Maltese Westie mix, with its double coat, may be better suited for individuals with allergies.

How often should I groom my Maltese Westie mix?

Ideally, you should brush their coat daily to prevent matting and tangling, and schedule a professional grooming session every 4-6 weeks.

Are Maltese Westie mixes good with kids?

Yes, they are generally good with children, making them an excellent choice for families.

What is the activity level of the Maltese Westie mix?

While they are energetic and enjoy playtime, they also enjoy their downtime and are not as hyperactive as some other breeds.


The Maltese and Westie mix is a charming, friendly, and adaptable breed that makes for an excellent companion. They require a fair bit of care in terms of training, diet, and grooming, but their affectionate nature and playful temperament make it all worth it.

Updated: August 1, 2023
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